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Video of the Day

Congratulations! After a minimum of 7 days on our site your video had a score of at least 7.0 points, 10 jury votes or more and the highest score of the day. Cocktails for the entire team! Drop what you were doing because this is the time to share your victory with the world. You can print the VOTD certificate and give it a nice spot at your office. We salute you, but this isn’t over yet. Because your video is automatically nominated for the Video of the Month award.

Video of the Month

A Video of the Day battle. You win the Video of the Month award if your video is the highest scoring Video of the Day award. To calculate this score, we count only the jury votes.

Video of the Year

All Video of the Month winners are automatically nominated for the Video of the Year award. Along with a new submission round for all categories.

Designer & Studio of the Year

Every year, all award winners are nominated for the Designer of the Year and Studio of the Year award. The more, the better, but our jury decides who wins.