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Voting period

There’s a 21 day voting period for every video after submission. Our jury will judge your video on the following criteria: concept, design, motion and sound. So will the public. A jury rating carries 5 times the weight of a public vote. So don’t forget to share your video.


We use a weighted average voting system. This means your video starts with the average score of all active projects. Your projects score and amount of votes are added to this number to calculate its score. For example:

  • The average score of all active projects is 7.
  • The average amount of votes of all active projects is 25.
  • Your project received 5 votes with each a total score of 8 points.

Your score: ((7 * 25) + (8 * 5)) / (25 + 5) = 7.16


If your video has the highest score of the day after 7 days with at least 10 jury votes, and a minimum score of 7.0, you’ll win the Video of the Day award. If your project did not receive any award during the 21 day period and your overall score is 7 or above and the average jury vote 8 or above, you will receive an Honorable Mention.